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12B East 6th Street

Griffin, Georgia


note: Griffin has two "6th Streets"
We are technically in East Griffin,
thus on East 6th St.

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  S & S Lawnmower Service
  12B East 6th Street               Griffin, Georgia  30223        
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    We represent parts manufacturers of most smaller lawn and garden equipment sold in our area. We also keep a large replacement parts inventory on hand for the major mower brands.  Need to repair or service your own equipment?  We include in our stock inventory: belts, batteries, premix fuel, line for trimmers, spark plugs, recoil rope & springs, ignition parts, carburetor kits, filters (air, fuel, and oil), drive chain, tires/tubes, wheels, blades, engines, short blocks, gaskets, mufflers, saw chain, and much much more...     We can often order non-stocked items quickly when available from our distributors as well.  We'll be happy to check for you!

Services and Repair

Our service and repair focus is the power equipment the home-owner uses for lawn, yard, and garden work, that is powered by small air-cooled gas powered engines. Our "bread & butter" line is riding and push mowers. We do also work on some makes of chain saws, leaf blowers, line trimmers ("weed eaters"), edgers, generators, go-carts, and mini-bikes as well. [sorry, but we do not work on nor sell parts for motorcycles, mini-motorcycles, 3-wheelers, or ATVs]
    Our services include: * Blade sharpening & balancing * Tune ups * Oil change & lubrication * Engine repair, overhaul and replacement (both single and twin cylinders) * Belt adjustment & replacement * Tire & tube replacement * Recoil starter repair * Carburetor cleaning, adjustment, repair & replacement * Battery replacement * Ignition, electrical and safety system testing and repair * Chain repair and replacement * Transmission service & repair (manual and hydrostatic) * Sharpen and repair chain saw chain * Replace line in grass trimmers * and much more...
Call and check with us regarding your presently owned or purchase consideration of make & model mower, tiller, trimmer, chain saw, blower, etc, to see if we can either repair it or get parts for it.


We are the Factory Authorized Service and Repair Dealer for the following:

We are Factory Authorized OEM Parts Dealer for the above as well.

We also stock parts meeting or exceeding OEM specifications and do service and repair work on many models by:

                                                                        * we do not work on Honda engines presently *

From the mechanic's bench  checkmark_red_shadow.png

Here are some ideas, suggestions, and helpful hints about your outdoor power equipment:
checkmark_red_shadow.png     When calling about parts, repair, or service, 
always have your equipment's Make, Model, and Serial Number!  Though the equipment often has these numbers in hard to spot locations, they will be on the equipment somewhere!  Keep looking until you find it!* image Then have it with you when you visit or call us.  *[barring someone having vandalized, painted over, or abused the equipment --which is rare]
    Why?  Odd as it might seem, unlike with some automobile parts, lawn and garden equipment is highly diverse, specialized, minutely unique, and parts specific, making most purchases of parts absolutely dependent upon knowing the Make, Model, and Serial Numbers!  This especially includes belts, but again, even most unit parts.  Speaking of belts, while it's tempting to try to interchange an automotive belt, we don't recommend it.  Boy, but the woeful tales of wasted time, energy and money we've heard about such experiences.
checkmark_red_shadow.png     When considering purchasing --both new and used-- equipment, be sure to consider where the nearest warranty repair and service dealer for that product is located!  There is practically nothing more frustrating (and costly) than to not be able to locate a dealer for parts and service for specific equipment!  Also, purchase according to value rather than lowest selling price (aka cheap).
checkmark_red_shadow.png     Today's fuels are ever evolving.  The introduction of ethanol fuels is changing how gas powered engines both run and tolerate storage of fuel.  We've seen some fuels go stale in approximately 30 days!  Fuel condition is much more critical with air cooled engines, too.  Much moreso than it is with automobile engines.  Most lawn mowers have only a single cylinder while autos have from 4 to 8.  Today's fuels are also having an adverse impact on fuel system hoses and fuel lines, often deteriorating them in shorter periods of time, thus requiring inspection and replacement as needed. We recommend presently that you store gasoline no longer than 30-45 days.  If you have equipment that will sit for periods approaching that length of time, we recommend that you drain the fuel from the tank and run the engine until it empties the fuel from the system.  If you need to store fuel for longer periods, we recommend you pick up some fuel treatment additive from us, made specifically for air cooled engines!

checkmark_red_shadow.png    While it may be tempting to put an auto-seal tire sealant in a flat lawnmower tire, we can't recommend it.  Why?  Because it typically just won't work!  But moreso because it is corrosive over time and will rust your wheels, creating more troubles and expense down the road.  Let our experienced service techs put a replacement tube in your tire instead.  [the reason tire sealants seldom work is because of the lower air pressures used in lawn equipment compared to automobiles]

About us / our policies

RedDot_sm_shadow.jpg    We've proudly been in business since 1971.  You've probably heard the expression, a "mom and pop business"; well literally we are just that!  When "Pop" retired from his main job he was interested in continuing his side work of mechanics, but with older age found the automotive side less appealing.  So together with two of his sons, they purchased the necessary equipment and parts, converting the work shop from automotive focus to lawn mower repair.  Pop ran the shop during business hours, while the sons alternated part time in the evenings (and eventually adding even a third son, and then grandsons).  The business thrived, creating quite a bit of "part time" work!  One son eventually bought his own barber shop and thus needed to commit all his working hours to that, and so "retired" from lawnmower repair.  Pop worked along side until his passing away.  The other son eventually retired from his life's vocation and took over the family business in it's full-time operation.  He and a grandson of Pop's run the business today, along side of Mom handling all the office paperwork.
RedDot_sm_shadow.jpg    We've had satisfied customers from all over the greater Griffin area, which includes some of south-metro-Atlanta.  We strive to be competitive with our pricing and labor rates, commensurate with our skills and business expenses.

RedDot_sm_shadow.jpg    We're committed to continuing education.  We attend update schools annually in order to stay abreast of the latest technology and service and repair procedures.

RedDot_sm_shadow.jpg    Like with most businesses, we have our general policies regarding our customers and customer satisfaction.  We'll be happy to discuss that with you at any time.  We do some warranty work for authorized manufacturers.

RedDot_sm_shadow.jpg   Presently we are not offering parts sales online.